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Terra Nut Cheese is a vegan cheese startup from Wellington, New Zealand. 

We’re committed to making our products as minimally processed and healthful as possible.

Our nut cheeses are made of wholefood, mostly organic ingredients: cashews, purified water, New Zealand sea salt, dairy-free probiotics, herbs & spicesThey're all plastic-free and certified vegan.

Although our products might fool cheese lovers, we don’t like comparing them to dairy, nor we’re trying to imitate dairy-based flavours. We truly believe nut cheeses are amazing products in their own right and are the new real thing.



Probably the healthiest and most versatile cream cheese you can find. Its pleasant, natural and tangy flavour will make you doubt it’s vegan. 
Great in a wide range of dishes: cheesecakes, icing, sauces, sushi etc. 

Quite thick by itself, add a little bit of water to get almost-instant sour cream.

Ingredients: cashews*, purified water, NZ sea salt*, vegan probiotic.

*organic ingredients

Glass jars, 200 or 400 grams.

Of course, we HAD TO include one with dill! It reminds us of Eastern Europe, and that part of the world is close to our hearts.

Love this one, and it tends to be our friends’ favourite.

Delicious (or should I say dill-licious!?) herbal and garlicky flavour.
Spread on a whole grain toast, or mix with some water to create the perfect sour & creamy dip. 

Ingredients: cashews*, purified water, NZ sea salt*, dill, garlic*, vegan probiotic. *organic ingredients

Glass jars, 200 or 400 grams.

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This orange, smokey and sliceable cashew block will show you just how amazing vegan cheese can be. Soft when fresh, gets firmer with time. We like it in pasta or burritos, but the sky's the limit! 

Ingredients: cashews*, purified water, NZ sea salt*, nutritional yeast*, smoked paprika, hickory liquid smoke, vegan probiotic.

                                              *organic ingredients

Paper boxes, wrapped in parchment paper.

Product weight is around 280 grams, minimal weight at the end of shelf life is 240 grams.


Does cheese grow on trees?


Not most of it nowadays, but in Terra we're convinced: the cheese of the future will grow on trees. More precisely, it'll be made of nuts, which, as you know, grow on trees.


Here's WHY our nut cheeses are awesome:


       1. They're made of few simple, natural ingredients: whole cashew nuts, purified water, NZ sea salt, herbs and spices. No oil or artificial preservatives.

      2. They're vegan, which means no middle moo, just awesome plant-based ingredients. We're proud members of NZ Vegan Society and NZ Vegetarian Society, all our products are officially Vegan Certified.

      3. They're full of probiotics. These little guys are friendly bacteria that are good for your digestive and immune system. Probiotics help maintain or restore your body's proper bacterial balance.

      4. Nuts are super heathy: they are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, protein and good fats. You get all these healthy nutrients by eating our cheeses. 

     5. They're incredibly versatile, the amount of meals you can make with them is literally infinite. Look in our healthy recipe section to get inspired!

      6. They're tasty. No, in fact, they are delicious! Honestly, they never last long in our fridge, you should test yours. Maybe you'll become as nuts for nut cheese as we are :)

     7. All our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and plastic-free. We use glass jars for our cashew cream cheeses, and the Smokey Cashew block comes in cardboard boxes, wrapped in unbleached parchment paper.

      8. We give back. We'll be using 50% of our profits to support good causes. This part of our business is very important, check out our mission to find out who we support.

For these reasons and many more, we think the future of cheese is absolutely nuts. To us such perspective looks happier, healthier, more compassionate and sustainable.


Join us and become part of this positive change today!


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Dill & Garlic Cashew Cream Cheese