You can never go wrong with nut cheese & crackers, but there's SO MUCH MORE.

I created this section to show you how you can use Terra Nut Cheese to make delicious, healthy and cheesy meals, but also inspire you to include more whole plant foods in your diet.

When it comes to food, I strongly believe: if it's not good for you, it's not good enough for your body.

(Well, maybe except an occasional bowl of coconut ice-cream with salted caramel, right!?)

The recipes I share are full of veggies and other good things that will make you feel and look amazing!

I value my time and your time. As much as I love cooking, spending hours in the kitchen on a daily basis

isn't my thing. Nobody has time for that!


For this reason all of the recipes here will be easy enough, and they won't take ages to makeEach recipe has a short (1 - 3 minute) video where I show you exactly how I make it.

Have you ever thought: 'Sounds good, but where on Earth am I gonna find this ingredient?' Certainly happened to me before. Well, just like you, we live and shop in New Zealand. So, you'll find all the

ingredients I'm using in local kiwi shops.

xo Alex