In Terra we truly believe the cheese of the future grows on trees, and there are several reasons for it.

First of all, we want to help the animals out so less of them are used for food. As we develop as society, more and more of us awaken and see that animals are here WITH us, not FOR us, and they deserve respect.


Which animals are the happiest? The ones not used for food! 

Our planet needs a lot of help too, the fact you're on this website makes me think you know what the deal is. 

We're challenging business as usual and setting a new standard by providing a solution which is delicious, satisfying and vegan at the same time.

We're committed to making our cheeses both tasty and nutritious so every time you choose them you know that you’ve made the best decision for your body, our planet and the animals

We want to get our cheeses available in shops all over New Zealand so everybody in this country can enjoy them. We have been and will keep working hard to make this happen.

And, it's more than that. We're here to give back.

The reason why we started this business is to make a difference, to make the world better in our ways and help others do it in their ways. That's why we donate part of our earnings to causes related to animal rights, conservation, education and helping local community. This is what REAL power and REAL success mean to us.

We are extremely grateful to have you along on our journey.


The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary

Safe and sustainable space to rehabilitate an rehome abused, injured and neglected animals.

Animal sanctuary charity Wellington
Animal sanctuary Christchurch

Til the Cows Come Home Farm Sanctuary

A farm sanctuary in North Canterbury that offers kindness, protection and love to farm animals in need, great and small.


New Zealand Vegan Society

The Vegan Society of Aotearoa, New Zealand

New Zealand Vegetarian Society

New Zealand Vegetarian Society 

Healthy Vegan cheese sauces