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Tasty 20 - 30 minute pasta dish with our own version of Alfredo sauce!

It seems WAY TOO good to be healthy, but it happens to be both tasty and good for you. 99.9% of people won't know it's made with cauliflower, unless you tell them, of course.

We have CauliFredo every couple of weeks, at least. This recipe has become one of our favourites, especially on lazy days when neither of us feels like cooking.

Watch CauliFredo video here:

You need:

1/2 large cauliflower (or a whole small one)

1 medium onion garlic cloves - follow your heart!

1 cup plant milk

2 tbsp miso paste

3 tbsp Plain cashew cheese

2 tbsp nutritional yeast

1/2 tbsp onion powder

+ 350 g pasta


1. Chop the veggies loosely

2. Boil 2 cups of water, cook the vegetables in it for 15 minutes, covered.

3. Cook the pasta.

4. Add to the vegetables: 1 cup soy milk, 2 tbsp miso paste, 3 tbsp our Plain cheese, 2 tbsp nutritional yeast, 1/2 tbsp onion powder. Mix it all in and cook for 2 more minutes.

5. Blend the ingredients together using a stick blender, or any food processor, until you get a smooth, creamy texture.

6. Mix the pasta with the sauce. Add greens, chopped capsicum or any of your favourite toppings.

7. Wasn't I right? Isn't this too quick and wholesome to be true!?

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