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I've been a huge fan of Asian food for a long time.

In fact, if I could only eat Asian food for the rest of my life, I'd have no problem with that at all! Every time I go on an 'Asian diet' for a week or 2, I notice that I have more energy, feel lighter, stronger, my skin clears up.

When it comes to making sushi myself, though, I used to put it off for a very long time. I thought it was really hard to make and came up with all kinds of excuses: it's not in my culture, I was never taught to, I thought I needed lots of special equipment, etc, etc...

But the first time I made sushi, I couldn't believe it took me that long to try! The very first attempt wasn't perfect (way too much rice lol), but I was truly proud of myself!

Now I've had enough time to practice, and we have sushi quite often, probably every 2 - 3 weeks.

Today, I'm sharing 2 of our favourite easy sushi recipes with you: a Dill & Avocado roll and a Smokey Capsicum roll. After you watch the video, you'll get the idea, and it should be easy enough, even if you've never made sushi before. 

Watch Easy & Cheesy Sushi video here:

You need:

sushi rice - 1.5 cups for 5-6 rolls

rice vinegar

soy sauce

Filling: avocado, capsicum, fresh dill or other greens, Dill & Garlic cashew cream cheese (you can use Plain too), a few slices of Smokey Cashew.


1. Cook sushi rice, following the instructions on your package, or my instructions in this video (I found this works for every brand of sushi rice I've used, and it's probably the quickest way).

2. Add 3-4 tbsp of rice vinegar and 1 tbsp of soy sauce.

3. Let the rice cool down. I usually use this time to get all the veggies ready.

4. Get the fillngs ready.

Roll1: avocado, fresh dill or other greens and Dill&Garlic cashew cream cheese. Roll2: capsicum and Smokey cashew

5. Make the rolls, like I show in the video. Make sure you use a thin layer of rice, otherwise the rolls will be too 'ricey' and not so flavourful. Keep your hands moist with some water on the side, and put some water on the right side of the nori sheet before rolling. It will make your roll stick together.

6. Cut each roll into 8 pieces, put them on a board and make them look pretty.

7. Serve with wasabi, soy sauce and some miso.

6 vegan cheese sauces you can make in under 5 minutes!

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