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Do you like Halloween?

Personally, I think it’s fun! Especially for kids... or adults like me who kinda still feel like kids 🤣

There are usually lots of unhealthy treats, though. Not a big deal once in a while, right? But with some tricks you can make pretty nutritious snacks!

I’ve got a special Halloween present for you today: 4 scarily healthy recipes!

You’ve got 2 savoury and 2 sweet:

💀 Spooky Pizza (takes 15 minutes to make),

🕷️ Spider Bites (5 minutes),

🎃 Jack O’Lantern Chia Pudding (20 - 25 minutes, + 30 min to settle, but worth it, trust me)

👻 Banana Ghosts (5 minutes to make).

I got SO excited making those for you, seriously, hope you make a couple (or all!) and love them too 😍

JACK O'LANTERN PUDDING (20 - 25 minutes)

You need:

2 cups of cooked pumpkin pieces 1 cup orange juice

3 tbsp Plain cashew cheese

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp turmeric

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 - 3 tbsp maple syrup (LOVE it, but date syrup works too)


1. Cut [approximately] half of a smaller-sized pumpkin into pieces, sprinkle with water and bake at 200°C for 10 minutes. Let it cool down a bit, then peel the skin off. You should fill 2 heaping cups with the pieces before blending.

2. In a food processor, mix all the ingredients, except for the chia seeds. Add 2 tbsp of maple syrup, if after blending you want it sweeter, add another spoon.

3. Add chia seeds and blend.

4. Divide into 4 cups / glasses. Make Jack's eyes from blueberries and the mouth from raspberries - frozen or fresh.

5. Let it settle in the fridge for at least 30 minutes 🕯️

BANANA GHOSTS (5 minutes)

You need:

2 small bananas (or as many as you want to make)

3 tbsp Plain cashew cream cheese

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp maple syrup (or date syrup)

vegan chocolate drops or small berries for decoration


1. Cut the bananas in the middle, and then in halves vertically

2. Make vanilla cream by mixing Plain cream cheese, vanilla extract and maple syrup.

3. Cover the bananas with the cream.

4. Decorate with chocolate drops or berries to make eyes and mouths. 🕯️

SPOOKY PIZZA (15 minutes)

You need:

1 ready wrap (or more if you're making more than 1 pizza)

2 tbsp Dill & Garlic cashew cream cheese chopped pieces pf capsicum and sundried tomatoes

slices of cucumber pitted olives for the eyes

1 fresh tomato for the mouth

rocket for the hair


1. Spread Dill & Garlic cashew cream cheese on the wrap.

2. Cover with pieces of capsicum and sundried tomatoes.

3. Bake at 200°C for 5 - 7 minutes

4. Make it spooky: decorate with cucumbers & olives for the eyes, pieces of tomato for the teeth and rocket for the hair.

5. Put some tomato sauce on top if you'd like and... eat the monster! 🕯️

SPIDER BITES (5 minutes)

You need:

brown rice crackers

slices of cucumbers

Dill & Garlic cashew cream cheese

pitted olives to make spiders


1. Put the cucumber slices on the rice crackers.

2. Spread Dill & Garlic on top.

3. Make olive spiders, like I'm showing in the video, on top.

4. Offer your friends some spiders. It's all good, they're vegan! 🕯️

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