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Crepes are so traditional in Eastern Europe where I come from! As a child, I used to eat them ALL THE TIME. I enjoyed helping my mom and grandma to make them in the kitchen, especially by ripping tasty sides off and eating them under the table 🤫

Since I went vegan, though, I haven't been into crepes, because they're normally made with animal products.

But these ones are 100% VEGAN, and also oil free. When I first decided to make them, I was astonished: who said we need cow's milk and eggs to make tasty crepes? Not at all!

The recipe is super easy and quick to make and is especially good if you haven't made crepes before: I tried to keep them as simple as possible, with minimal ingredients. Just watch how I make them in the video and do the same :)

Oh, if you already have your own fave crepe recipe, 100% use it, but these creamy toppings I'm sharing with you are a MUST TRY 😋😋😋

They're made with our vegan cream cheeses, of course, and will take you 10 minutes (Creamy Mushroom), 5 minutes (Smoky Spinach) and 0 minutes (Berry Cheesecake).

Watch the 3-minute video and read the steps and my tips below.

Watch Vegan Crepes video here:

You need:

For the crepes

1,5 cups high grade flour;

1 tbsp ground flax seeds (optional);

a dash of salt;

1,5 cups plant milk;

1 cup water

! Tip: I use the flax seeds here only for nutrition, feel free to skip them if you don't have them as they won't affect the result here :)

For Creamy Mushroom topping

chopped white mushrooms - as many as you need, I use 8 - 10.

3 tbsp Terra Dill & Garlic cashew cream cheese;

salt, black pepper - to taste

For Smoky Spinach topping:

1 full bag (120g) of spinach (it shrinks a lot, so make sure you use the whole bag!);

2 tbsp Terra Smoky cream cheese

For Berry Cheesecake topping:

Plain (Natural) cashew cream cheese;

Blueberry jam (refined sugar free);

Fresh berries

! Tip: Want to make healthy jam yourself? Check out this easy & sugar free berry sauce I make in the Chia Cheesecake recipe.


1. Make the batter. Whisk the flour, flax and salt together, then add plant milk and water. I use regular plant milk, if you've got light, you can just use 2,5 cups of milk and no water.

2. Cook the crepes on a non-stick pan on medium heat, using a measuring cup. The size of the measuring cup depends on the size of your pan. I use 1/2 cup for my rather small pan (in the video).

You'll need higher heat for your first couple of crepes, reduce it a bit as the pan heats.

! Tip 1: If you end up with a hole in your crepe, like I did in the video, just fill it up with more batter - no problem!

! Tip 2: In-between the crepes, wipe the pan with a paper towel to remove any burnt pieces.

! Tip 3: My crepes are oil-free, but if you're cool with oil, you can cover each crepe with a few drops of olive oil as you stack them on top of each other. This will make them smoother and they'll stick to each other less.

3. Make Creamy Mushroom topping. Heat 1/2 cup water, cook the chopped mushrooms for about 8 minutes. Add salt, pepper and cream cheese. Mix and cook for a couple more minutes, adding more water if needed for the right consistency.

4. Make Smoky Spinach topping. Heat 1/2 cup water in a small pot. Cook the spinach fr 2 - 4 minutes, add the cream cheese ad mix until you achieve the right consistency.

5. Make Berry Cheesecake crepes: spread the cream cheese, berry jam and fresh berries on top of your crepes and roll them. It'll taste like cheesecake in a crepe!

6. Enjoy this easy crepe feast ;)

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